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Re: i need help

"Vinod Kumar" <vinodkp at> wrote in message
news:94vrl8$o90 at
> Dear sir,
>                 I need  to integrate the following expression
>  Exp[-M1/a] *Erfc[M2*a^2 -(M3/a^3)]+Exp[M1/a]*Erfc[m2*a^2+(m3/a^3)]
> can somebody help me.please.

What you need to do first is provide all the required information.

1. Integrate with respect to what variable?

2. Definite or indefinite integration?

3. Numerical or symbolic integration?

4. Variables in your expression are M1,M2,M3,m2,m3 and a. Are m2 and m3
really separate variables or typographical errors?

Assuming {m2, m3} == {M2, M3} and indefinite symbolic integration WRT a,
Mathematica cannot produce a solution. The presence of Erfc[] probably
explains this -- it is known to be soluble only numerically.

Paul Lutus

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