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Re: Mathematica generating gifs for avi's

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  • Subject: [mg29803] Re: Mathematica generating gifs for avi's
  • From: "Borut L" <borut at>
  • Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 01:26:51 -0400 (EDT)
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Mathematica for PC can save as GIF (when saving a sequence of plots, that
means aGIF (A for animated)). You can use other program (e.g. Animation
Shop) to convert aGIF into AVI.

How to make aGIF under Mathematica? e.g.

MakeAGif[name_String, src_] :=
      Export[name, src, "GIF",
          ConversionOptions -> {
              "Transparency" -> RGBColor[1, 1, 1],
              "Disposal" -> Background,
              "Loop" -> True}
          ] // Timing

I would like to mention the slowness of Mathematica saving sequential GIFs.
Very slow! Why's that?

Mathematic for MAC, as far as I know (I don't posses it), is able to save
animations as MOV (QuickTime).

I heard there are inovative designs engaged for next Mathematica graphics
userface. Is this so?

Well, bye!

Borut from Slovenia

<axc at> wrote in message
news:9i8pk1$qs0$1 at
> you're right it works. but listen to the steps i have to take to
> generate avi's for my presentation. nevermind generating names such as
> 'frame00001.gif' so that the shareware converter (in this case gif
> movie gear) loads them in the correct order - even so there are always
> several frames out of sequence and i have to permute them manually,
> for each .avi. this is obviously a bug in gif-movie-gear but it could
> be avoided if Mathematica had the ability to generate avi's directly,
> also save the step of having to save each frame as a gif. i hear this
> is possible on macs but not pc's. since animations are becoming more
> common will Mathematica/pc include this function in the future?
> by the way here's two i created with Mathematica + gif-movie-gear, showing
> gait generation at two different paramter values (from random initial
> conditions, gaits stabilize to metachronal and tripod resp)

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