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Re: Solving matrix equations

this equation is consistent if A has a unit eigenvalue and the
eigenspace corresponding to this eigenvalue intersects the affine
space defined by One.x=1 (i.e x1+...+xn=1, One is the all-ones
vector). if this is true, the solution is unique when the dimension of
the eigenspace is 1. however if it's greater than one (implying the
unit eigenvalue has alg. multiplicity >1) then the solution is not a
point but the entire intersection of this eigenspace with the affine
space One.x=1. 

alan calvitti
axc at

"Christopher Deacon" <cdeacon at> writes:

> How can I solve the matrix equation x = A.x, where x is a vector (x1, x2, x3
> ,...) and
> x1+x2+x3 ... = 1?
> Chris
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