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Re: using the escape key for shortcuts


ctrl-/ creates a fraction box.


Peter Jay Salzman <p at> on 04/28/2001 07:35:59 PM

Subject: [mg28600]  [mg28573] using the escape key for shortcuts

one of my favorite things about Mathematica is the few shortcuts i know,
like for
greek letters:

<ESC>a<ESC>     produces an alpha
<ESC>pi<ESC>     produces a pi

i want to know more, and found a file which looks like
goldmine of shortcuts.  however, they don't seem to be working.

for instance, i would be very interested to know how to enter fractions
without clicking on the palette.  there seems to be a definition for
FractionBox, but when i try:


nothing happens.  perhaps i'm not using the information from this file
correctly.  can someone tell me how to get a fractionbox without clicking
palette?  i can probably figure the rest out once i know that one.  :)



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