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RE: Setting Cell Style While Cursor in Cell?


	I was typing when I discovered how to do what you want.
	After typing some characters you can hit the UP ARROW
key, then  the horizontal bar will appear , hold down the SHIFT key and
hit the DOWN ARROW once, the cell will be selected and you can
press the Alt-7 to change the style of the whole cell to text.
All this without using the mouse.

I did this in Mathematica 4.0 under Windows NT 4.0.

Jesus Revilla.

I often start typing, then decide to change the style of the cell in
midstream. Right now I use the mouse to click on the vertical bar to the
right, then hit Alt-7 or whatever to mod the style, then hit the right arrow
key to move back into the cell and continue. It gets to be a pain after a
while. How can I do this using only the keyboard, no mouse? 

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