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Re: Creating graph with only a view data points


you must make two parametric functions 
x[t] and y[t]

    tlist=MapIndexed[{First[#2-1]/n,#1} &,data];
    {Interpolation[tlist /. {t_?NumericQ,x_,_}:> {t,x}],
     Interpolation[tlist /. {t_?NumericQ,_,y_}:> {t,y}]}

and now you can draw a parametric curve with t in [0,1]


Oliver Tonn wrote:
> First of all thanks for your help.
> I'm sorry, but your solution don't work in my case.
> It could happen, that I have to go back on the x and y axis.
> For example:
> {{0,0},{1,0.5},{2,0.5},{3,0.5},{2.1,1.5},{1,5}}
> Mathematica isn't realy happy with that.
> Do you, or anybody else, have a solution for that?
> Greetings Oliver

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