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Re: Ticks & MultipleListPlot

"Andreas Unterkircher" <unterkir at> wrote in message
news:9sb4ep$dda$1 at
> I have the following problem with MultipleListPlot:
> I could scale the Font used for the options AxesLabel and PlotLegend. E.g.
> I can select a specific font for the AxesLabel with
> AxesLabel->{StyleForm["bla",FontSize->6,FontFamily->"Helvetica"]}
> Now the problem is that the numbers used for the ticks of the x- and y-
> axes still are displayed in the large font. I tried something like
> Ticks->{{1,StyleForm[...]},...}
> But this does not work. Does anybody know a solution to this problem ?

Here is an example of what you might want to do. I have exaggerated the font
chosen so that you can clearly see the effect on screen.


list1=Table[{x,Sin[2Pi x]},{x,0,1,0.1}];
list2=Table[{x,Cos[2Pi x]},{x,0,1,0.1}];


Steve Luttrell
Malvern Technology Centre

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