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Re: Loop through a notebook

At 04:46 AM 11/23/2001, Adam BOUCHTA wrote:
>How does one loop through a notebook which contains sections, subsections,
>A for or do-loop do not work...

It depends on why you want to loop through the notebook.

Often, what you really want is some way to act on different parts of a 
notebook. This can be done by getting the notebook, modifying it and 
putting it back out. This is often easier to program and faster than a 
loop. For example, to remove all output from a nb

cont = NotebookGet[nb];
cont = DeleteCases[cont, Cell[_, "Output"|"Print"|"Graphics", ___], Infinity];
NotebookPut[cont, nb]

If you really want or need a loop, then it's just a matter of SelectionMove.

SelectionMove[nb, Before, Notebook, AutoScroll->False];
SelectionMove[nb, Next, Cell, AutoScroll->False];
cont = NotebookRead[nb];
   SelectionMove[nb, Next, Cell, AutoScroll->False];
   cont = NotebookRead[nb];
   If[MatchQ[cont, Cell[_, "Output"|"Print"|"Graphics", ___]],

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