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Re: Symbols using Prolog


you can't replace the Point[] primitive in ListPlot[]
by the prolog option. You can hook Point[] with

  Point[a_] := Text["\[EmptyCircle]", a];

or replace it later

gr = ListPlot[data, DisplayFunction -> Identity] /. 
      Point[a_] :> Text["\[EmptyCircle]", a];
Show[gr, DisplayFunction -> $DisplayFunction]

You can use the Prolog in Plot[]

Plot[Sin[x],{x,0,2Pi},Prolog->{Text["\[EmptyCircle]", #] & /data}]


David Robinson wrote:
> Excuse a question from a beginner.
> There has been some discussion about using graphics primatives to show
> symbols on plots.  However, it wasn't clear from the discussion how to
> change the symbol using the Prolog option within, for example ListPlot.
> ListPlot[list , PlotRange->{0.,1.0} , AxesOrigin->{0,0.0} ,
> Prolog->{.....?....}]
> Any one have any insights out there?
> Dave Robinson
> --
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.
>                                                    -- Neils Bohr

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