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animations in mathematica

I am using Mathematica to plot the results of some numerical
simulations, and then to animate the plots.  The issue for me is that I
eventually want to save these animations as Quicktime movies, but doing
so seems to require that I generate *all* the frames in advance.
Unfortunately, I want to have several hundred frames, and the notebook
swells up to over 10Mb for forty frames of a simple simulations -- so I
will run out of memory long before I generate all the frames.

What I want to know as this: can Mathematica create an animation (and
save it as a movie) where each frame is generated "on the fly" and then
discarded once it has been used?  I know that this could be very slow if
I watched it in real time, but since I am looking to generate a movie
this will not be a problem.

Alternatively, if this is not possible, the approach seems to be to save
each "frame" of the movie as a .jpg or .gif image, and then stitch them
into a movie using some third party utility. If this is my only option,
can anyone suggest a program that can do the stitching (that runs on
either MacOS X or Solaris)?


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