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Re: Re: Row vs. Column Vectors (or Matrices)

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  • Subject: [mg33948] Re: [mg33936] Re: Row vs. Column Vectors (or Matrices)
  • From: "Eric L. Strobel" <fyzycyst at>
  • Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 01:22:01 -0400 (EDT)
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I think the point was that a Dot product was desired.

And a point of advice...  Just remember, due to the way Mathematica deals
with matrices (and particularly column vectors), there are often extra sets
of braces surrounding results.  Generally not a problem, until you try to
get at a particular matrix element -- depending upon how one does it, you
may have to 'peel the onion' several layers down.

(Asthetically, I find these artifacts a tiny bit annoying.  I don't suppose
there's an automatic way of shedding them, is there?)

At the risk of making this reply too broad, is there any recent progress on
the front of *symbolic* matrix algebra/calculus??  I'm aware of NCAlgebra,
and while it is a workable stopgap I guess, there ought to be something
better, given that this has been a known inadequacy of Mathematica for many
years now.

- Eric. 

on 4/23/02 7:14 AM, Adam Smith at adam.smith at wrote:

> See if the following is what you want

*** Demonstration of Outer Product removed ***

> Note that MatrixForm is such a so-called wrapper that essentially just
> changes the way things display on the screen.
> It is not necessary to put the 2nd vector in a 1-column format due to
> the construction of the Outer[] function.
> John Resler <John-Resler at> wrote in message
> news:<aa05ug$25i$1 at>...
>> Hi,
>> I'm new to Mathematica and am doing a little linear algebra. I am
>> aware of the MatrixForm[m]
>> function but I know of no way to create a row vector eg. [ 1.0  2.0  3.0
>> ] *   [ 1.0
>> 2.0
>> 3.0].
>> Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks ahead of time.
>> -John


Eric Strobel (fyzycyst at NOSPAM^

There is never a single right solution. There are always multiple
wrong ones, though.

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