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coloured contour plots


I am trying to generate coloured contour plots from a certain set of data I have
However one of my requirements is that the underlying shape of the plot should 
be that of the geometry which I have.

In other words I want a coloured contour plot on an arbitrary underlying shape 
and not a quadrilateral.

Currently I am using:

Show[Graphics[({Hue[hued11[[#1 + 1, 1]]*2], PointSize[0.02], 
            Point[finpos[[#1 + 1]]]} &) /@ Range[0, rmgpt - 1, 1], 
    AspectRatio -> Automatic]]

This plots the data points at the co-ordinates given in the array "finpos" and 
gives them a colour specified by the array "hued11". However the plot is not 
continous and made up of a series of points. 

Is it possible to generate a continous plot having arbitrary shape and not a 
square or a cube contour plot?


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