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RE: Hint on: Problems converting mathematica notebook to PDF with Acrobat Distiller


> This is just a hint to anyone out there searching for info on this
> topic.  I was having problems getting documents from .nb format to
> .pdf format using Acrobat Distiller or print to file.  The reason I
> had troubles with print to file was because I'm on a darned Window$
> machine and choosing 'print to file' produces a .prn file, not .ps or
> .pdf.  Acrobat Distiller rendered mathematical documents horribly. 
> The solution came in the form of *yet more* software from Adobe. 
> Basically I just downloaded an Adobe PostScript printer driver from:
> (or search for adobe postscript printer drivers)
> Then I installed it, pretending it was a normal printer.  Then I went
> to config for the printer from Start->Settings->Printers and chose the
> default output method as "C:\Windows\Desktop\*.pdf" or something like
> that.  This works beautifully!  Just print to this 'fake' printer from
> Mathematica and you're all set!  Anyway, hope this helps if you were
> looking for this info.

The other way around this is to install a Postscript printer, eg Apple
12/600, and have it print to file.  Ghostscript can then be used to create a
PDF from any files sent to this printer.

Adobe's products work fine, but they are more expensive than the Open Source


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