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Examples using Trig option

Hello  mathgroup,

The usage message for Trig says:

Trig is an option for algebraic manipulation functions which specifies
whether trigonometric functions should be treated as rational functions of

The built-in functions that have the Trig option are:  
Apart, ApartSquareFree, Cancel, Coefficient, CoefficientList, Collect,
Denominator, Expand, ExpandAll, ExpandDenominator, ExpandNumerator,
Exponent, Factor, FactorList, FactorSquareFree, FactorSquareFreeList,
FactorTerms, FactorTermsList, FullSimplify, Numerator, PolynomialGCD,
PolynomialLCM, PolynomialMod, Resultant, Simplify, Together.

After searching all available documentation I can't find a single example of
f[expr, Trig->True]   would give a different result than 
f[expr, Trig->False], and I can't come up with one on my own. Can you give
some examples. An example for each function above is not necessary.

  Ted Ersek
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