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Re: ColorFunction TriangularSurfacePlot


<< DiscreteMath`ComputationalGeometry`
data3D = Table[{x, y} = {Random[], Random[]}; {x, y, Sin[x*y]}, {36}];
gr = TriangularSurfacePlot[data3D];

and the color is obtained by

Show[gr /. Polygon[
        pnts_] :> {SurfaceColor[Hue[Last[Plus @@ pnts/Length[pnts]]]], 


Boris Fain wrote:
> Hi. I am a complete newbie, and I am making surface plots out of sets
> of points in 3-D. I am using TriangleSurfacePlot - a wonderful function
> btw, I gladly junked my own triangulation codes! However, I simply need
> to color the polygons according to their height - or the height of,
> say, the lowest vertex. Actually, any vertex would be just fine. Is
> there a way to do this?
> thanks, boris.

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