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Re: Output of left-hand side of expression

Hi JM,

You can copy and paste the following expression into your notebook and if
 you evaluate it at the very beginning you will get polynomials in their 
standard book form including your c+1.

Unprotect[Plus]; Format[Literal[Plus[p__]]]:=Module[{s1,s2},s1=Hold[p];s2=Reverse[s1]; ReplacePart[HoldForm[Evaluate[s2]],Plus,{1,0}]/; OrderedQ[s1]&& s1=!=s2]

Jonathan Rockmann
mtheory at

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Subject: [mg35541] [mg35509] Output of left-hand side of expression

This is really simple but I cannot find in manuals. (Honestly!)

Q. How do I display the left-hand side of an expression

currently I do


but I want


I need this so that I can copy/paste the entire expression into a doc. so
that it is complete - not just the right hand side or result.

Is there some magic command that can do this? or system default?


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