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RE: Increased Precision in Plot?


Ted Ersek has a package called PrecisionPlot, which is available on
MathSource. Put the package in the folder (which you may have to create)


and load it with


Then the following makes a nice smooth plot.

PrecisionPlot[f[t], {t, -3, 3}];

David Park
djmp at

> From: Selwyn Hollis [mailto:shollis at]
To: mathgroup at
> The command
> f[t_]=Nest[1 - Integrate[2s(#/.t->s),{s, 0, t}]&, Cos[t],
> 12]//Simplify
> returns a fairly innocent-looking result. However, evaluation (or
> plotting) of the result with default precision produces garbage; for
> example:
> In[1]:= f[.5]
> Out[1]:= 0.875
> In[2]:= N[f[1/2]]
> Out[2]:= 0.625
> In[3]:= N[f[1/2],17]
> Out[3]:= 0.77880078307140487
> My question is this: How can I get Plot to graph such a function with
> increased precision, so that the graph isn't overwhelmed by noise?
> Thanks in advance,
> Selwyn Hollis

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