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RE: new user question about creating a new cell

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Suppose you have a notebook with a number of cells, some of which may be input cells, some others might be output cells, and perhaps other text cells. Normally, you would want to start a new cell right after the last one in your notebook. If the last cell has been evaluated and its contents entered into the system  (i.e., a Shift-Enter was typed when the cursor was anywhere inside this cell), then there will be a fresh cell ready to accept your input, and this is indicated by a horizontal line after the last cell which has been evaluated. But suppose you had to go back to do something in some intermediate cell, i.e., not the last one. Then you had to move the cursor to that cell, by clicking into it. Once you have done what you had to, and entered your changes by Shift-Enter, a new cell begins right after the modified cell, and a horizontal line will be seen right after it, somewhere in the middle of the notebook. But suppose you want to go to the end and start with a new ce!
 right after the last cell in the notebook. Then, as the book says, you have to move the cursor to a place after the end of the last cell bracket on the right of the page, and you'll see the cursor change from a vertical beam to a horizontal beam. Then, if you click a horizontal line will apear at the end, and you'll be ready then to start typing there. If you don't click, then the fresh cell will be somewhere else, in the place it was last positioned. In other words, clicking is necessary to fix the position of the fresh cell in the notebook.

Tomas Garza
Mexico City

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Just reading thru the getting started book, and in the 'Notebooks and Cells'
page 16, it says to move the pointer until it becomes a horizontal I beam,
click, and
a cell insertion bar will appear.

This doesn't happen on my machine.  It turns into a horizontal I beam, but
happens when I click.

The only way I can create a new cell is to just begin typing.  This creates
a cell of the
input style.  Then you can select the cell and turn it into anything you
want, but it doesn't
seem to work the way the book describes, via clicking.

So, ---do I have someting set somewhere to keep the horizontal I beam from
a new cell, or what?


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