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RE: Re: Warning Messages on Notebooks Produced by Later Versions

> From: Jens-Peer Kuska [mailto:kuska at]
To: mathgroup at
> Hi,
> yes it is a bothering "feature". But you can simply
> load the help notebook into a Mathematica 4.0 and save
> it. The main consequence of the "feature" is that one has
> to use the oldest Mathematica version (best Mathematica 3.0) to
> edit/save Help notebooks.

Thanks Jens, that seems to work.

> But you can also set the Options[] for a Notebook[] object and
> change the FrontEndVersion form FrontEndVersion -> "4.1 for X"
> to FrontEndVersion -> "0.1 for X"

This would seem to be the preferable way if it can always be done in the
latest version. However, I do not understand how to do it. Is it done
through the Option Inspector? I can't find FrontEndVersion in Option
Inspector and it doesn't allow me to add it to the notebook options. If I
have an existing notebook, how would I add that option?

I tried (in Version 4.1)

  FrontEndVersion -> "4.0 for Microsoft Windows"]

but this did change the value of the option. Nor did "0.1 for X" work.


David Park
djmp at

A young man from San Jose
Behaved in a complex way.
He tried many cures, down through the years,
Til he learned from Dr. Wolfram
He is just a simple program.

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