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Re: Use of NonlinearRegress[..., ShowProgress -> True,...] Option Output.

In a message dated 6/4/02 5:10:22 AM, heinemann at writes:

>I want to use the output of the NonlinearRegress[] function option:
>ShowProgress -> True.
>Iteration:2 ChiSquared:21.06194755583588` \

>Iteration:6 ChiSquared:1.6841295804356515` \
>>From that I have to create a list of the form: 
>I failed(Yes with the simple copy and paste methode it works) but my aim is 
>to make this procedure automatically. Do you have any idee how I can solve
>this problem ?

Here is a rough "hit it with a hammer" approach:



param = {theta1,theta2,theta3};

  theta1 theta3 x1/(1+theta1 x1+theta2 x2),

    x:{__?NumberQ}:>{n++, x}, Infinity],
  {n, param /. (BestFitParameters/.%)}]

Bob Hanlon
Chantilly, VA  USA

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