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Re: Using Mathgroup Effectively -- cutting and pasting expressions

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your reply.  I know it isn't your problem as the mail group
moderator, but I am personally annoyed at the difficulty of copying and
pasting sections of Mathematica code as text.  When I cut and paste from a notebook
using an ASCII text editor (TEXTEDIT on the MAC)  the result comes out like

    \(InverseFourierTransform[\((\(\[ExponentialE]\^\(1\/2\ \[ImaginaryI]\
t\ \
\((2\ \[Mu] + \[ImaginaryI]\ t\ \[Sigma]\^2)\)\)\ \((1 + Erf[\(\[Mu] + \
\[ImaginaryI]\ t\ \[Sigma]\^2\)\/\(\@2\ \[Sigma]\)])\)\)\/\(1 +
\@2\ \[Sigma]\)]\))\)\^n, t, x, FourierParameters \[Rule] {1, 1}]\)],
}, Open  ]],

This is absolutely worthless for communication.  To make matters worse, If I
open up a Mathematica session and paste the expression above into the session, MM
throws an error.  

My hope is that something will give and either Mathgroup can find a way to
post notebooks or Mathematica can find a way to cut and paste expressions in some
useful and readable way into emails.

If you feel it is appropriate, please post our conversation into mathgroup.
Perhaps I am missing something here.  Thanks in advance.

Richard Palmer

On 6/2/02 12:40 AM, "Steven M. Christensen" <steve at> wrote:

> I think that your best bet is to describe your problem and notebooks
> in your main email as best you can and then offer to email attached
> notebooks to anyone who wants to see them.  Otherwise you can just
> bring up a notebook in an ascii editor and cut and past the notebook
> or bits of the notebook to your email.
> Steve C.
>> From dickp at Sat Jun  1 08:08:52 2002
>> Date: Sat, 01 Jun 2002 08:04:54 -0400
>> Subject: [mg34834] Using Mathgroup Effectively -- cutting and pasting expressions
>> From: Richard  Palmer <dickp at>
To: mathgroup at
>> I understand it is your policy not to post emails containing notebook
>> attachments.  What is the best way to cut expressions from a notebook into
>> email so others can paste them into their Mathematica notebooks to see what you are
>> talking about?
>> If host machines make a difference, I'm using a MAC G4 under OSX.
>> Richard Palmer
>> -- 


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