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RE: 3d table or list to file

Hi Shawn,

> Is it possible to save 3D lists to file to recall them later. 
>  Export/Import
> does not seem to work for lists with dimensions greater than 2

It is possible -- just write them.  For example, the following sequence
leaves tst and newt equal.
	tst = Table[{i, j, k}, {i, 5}, {j, 5, 10}, {k, 25, 30}];
	tst >> "multi.txt"

	newt = Read["multi.txt"];

The catch with this, is that your file is in 80-column wrapped input form
and so might not be particularly useful with other programs (eg. Excel).
Mostly, I find it more useful to write the file in simple columnar format
via a Do[]; loop.


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