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RE: Re: Re: Using Mathgroup Effectively -- cutting and pasting expressions


Probably at least ten percent of my efforts go to dealing with the
difference between what I see and what I get, and not just when pasting
to e-mail.  It's tricky pasting between and within notebooks, too.
Sometimes your selection (apparently) begins or ends at an awkward place
in the ugly "Show Expression" world, where you can't see it.  Copy as
Plain Text and other work-arounds generally DON'T work-around.

Where's WYSIWYG when you want it?


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From: Jonathan Rockmann [mailto:MTheory at] 
To: mathgroup at
Subject: [mg34915] [mg34864] Re: [mg34834] Re: Using Mathgroup Effectively --
cutting and pasting expressions 

Yeah, I support Richard's comments regarding the inability to just cut
paste from Mathematica to email as well as go back to Mathematica and
Richard I also have had no luck with text editors.  MathGroup might work
more efficiently in
general if this innovation were added to Mathematica.  I have had the
experience with
old pros in MathGroup that were having this same problem.  And
if any problems resulted from this ability, they could always be
Alot of us in MathGroup are Professors or Professionals who are doing
best to manage our time constraints and yet work with MathGroup.  
This addition to the technology would make things a whole lot easier for

some of us.
Thank You,
Jonathan Rockmann
mtheory at

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From: Richard Palmer
To: mathgroup at
Subject: [mg34915] [mg34864] [mg34834] Re: Using Mathgroup Effectively -- cutting
and pasting
Hi Steve,

Thanks for your reply.  I know it isn't your problem as the mail group
moderator, but I am personally annoyed at the difficulty of copying and
pasting sections of Mathematica code as text.  When I cut and paste from

a notebook
using an ASCII text editor (TEXTEDIT on the MAC)  the result comes out

t\ \
\((2\ \[Mu] + \[ImaginaryI]\ t\ \[Sigma]\^2)\)\)\ \((1 + Erf[\(\[Mu] + \
\[ImaginaryI]\ t\ \[Sigma]\^2\)\/\(\@2\ \[Sigma]\)])\)\)\/\(1 +
\@2\ \[Sigma]\)]\))\)\^n, t, x, FourierParameters \[Rule] {1, 1}]\)],
}, Open  ]],

This is absolutely worthless for communication.  To make matters worse,
If I
open up a Mathematica session and paste the expression above into the
Mathematica throws an error.

My hope is that something will give and either Mathgroup can find a way
post notebooks or Mathematica can find a way to cut and paste
 in some useful and readable way into emails.

If you feel it is appropriate, please post our conversation into
Perhaps I am missing something here.  Thanks in advance.

Richard Palmer

On 6/2/02 12:40 AM, "Steven M. Christensen" <steve at> wrote:

> I think that your best bet is to describe your problem and notebooks
> in your main email as best you can and then offer to email attached
> notebooks to anyone who wants to see them.  Otherwise you can just
> bring up a notebook in an ascii editor and cut and past the notebook
> or bits of the notebook to your email.
> Steve C.
>> From dickp at Sat Jun  1 08:08:52 2002
>> Date: Sat, 01 Jun 2002 08:04:54 -0400
>> Subject: [mg34915] [mg34864] [mg34834] Using Mathgroup Effectively -- cutting
and pasting 
>> From: Richard  Palmer <dickp at>
To: mathgroup at
>> I understand it is your policy not to post emails containing notebook
>> attachments.  What is the best way to cut expressions from a notebook

>> email so others can paste them into their Mathematica notebooks to
 what you are
>> talking about?
>> If host machines make a difference, I'm using a MAC G4 under OSX.
>> Richard Palmer
>> --


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