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Re: Re: Colored ListPlot

Here's a better version of DotPlot that is improved by Borut's and 
Allan's idea:


DotPlot[data_?MatrixQ, opts___Rule] :=
Module[{colorfn, scale, dotsize, m, scalefn},
  colorfn = ColorFunction/.{opts}/.{ColorFunction->Hue};
  scale = ColorFunctionScaling/.{opts}/.{ColorFunctionScaling->True};
  dotsize = DotSize/.{opts}/.{DotSize->0.01};
  m = If[scale, {Min[#],Max[#]}& @ Last[Transpose[data]], {0,1}];
  scalefn = (# - m[[1]])/(m[[2]]-m[[1]])& ;
    Show[ Graphics[
     FilterOptions[Graphics, opts] ] ]


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