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Importing complex numbers into mathematica


This may be a stupid question but is there an easy way to import
complex numbers from a file into mathematica.  I have written some c++
code that outputs a set of complex numbers to a file and I have been
trying to get them into mathematica.  What format should I use?

To give myself a clue I exported a couple of complex numbers from
Mathematica to see what the file would look like:

Export["test.dat", {3 + 2 I, 1 + 0.5 I}, "List"];

which gives me the following test.dat:
3 + 2 I
1 + 0.5 I

so far so good - looks like thats the format I need my c++ code to
output but when i try

test = Import["test.dat", "List"];
i get the following output
test = {3, "+", 2, "I", 1, "+", 0.5, "I"}

Can anyone help me?  I want to be able to Import the file directly - I
would rather not simply import a big list of numbers and write a
function that makes the relavent ones complex.  Any help would be much


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