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Re: Re: Re: Getting rid of the symbol -> after finding the root

 I have been seeing this question a lot of times.
Why don't we set up a list of FAQ's about Mathematica?
                                                                                                      Jan M. (^_^)
 Kirk Reinholtz <kirk.reinholtz at> wrote: You'll want to read about "Rule" in the help browser: Understanding this
construct is critical to your understanding of Mathematica.

When you have an output like a->3, you can use that rule to (say)
replace all instances of "a" in an expression with "3". For example,
a x + 7 /. {a->3}
will replace the "a" with "3". This operation is quite general, vastly
more powerful than you might imagine by this simple example.

If you just want to "remove" the "->", then 


will do as you wish.
"Mostaghel, Naser" wrote:
> Dear Friends,
> I need to use the root of a simple equation in subsequent operations.
> After extracting the root, it comes in the form ->root. I have not been
> able to get rid of the symbol -> .
> Can someone help?
> Thanks,
> Naser Mostaghel
> Professor, Civil Engineering
> T: (419) 530-8131
> F: (419) 530-8116
> E: nmostag at

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