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Just trying to import an image

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  • Subject: [mg44448] Just trying to import an image
  • From: Bob Harris <nitlion at>
  • Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 04:52:19 -0500 (EST)
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Have an assignment in an computer vision class I'm taking.  Thought I'd try
fiddling around with it in Mathematica.  Have run into the second or third
brick wall, just trying to bring an image into Mathematica.  Am in need of

For starters, I found Import[] in the big book and tried it:
    Import ["vl100.gif"]
The file vl100.gif is in the same directory as the mathematica notebook that
I launched.  But that seems not to be one of the places mathematica looks.
So I just got a file not found error.  So be it.

I figured there must be a way to convince mathematica to look for the file
where e file is.  After stumbling around for a while in the book and in the
help browser, I finally found the SetDirectory command.  So looking at the
format of file paths in $Path, I did
which is the path to the directory containing the file.

So then I tried 
    Import ["vl100.gif"]
again, and I get
    Experimental`RegisterConverter::noexe: Could not find the
    executable GIF.exe in any of { <<65>>, <<74>>, <<83>>, GIF.exe}.

Now, I'm running this using mathematica for the Mac on a PowerMac G3
running OS 9.0.4.  Yes, I know I haven't upgraded in a while, but it sure
seems like what I'm trying to do is supposed to work on my configuration.

The error message suggests that it doesn't have the executable code to
handle gif images.  I tried .pgm format and got the same result.  Since both
are listed in the big book I figured it's pointless to try other formats.
Those two should've worked.

I did a search of my hard drive and I do find a gif.exe (and hdf.exe,
jpeg.exe, pnm.exe, and tiff.exe) in the folder
   ... Mathematica?:SystemFiles:Converters:Binaries:PowerMac
So it seems like it's got 'em, and it's just not looking for them.

Can anyone point me toward a way to get this working?

Thanks for any help,
Bob H

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