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Re: Just trying to import an image

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  • Subject: [mg44467] Re: Just trying to import an image
  • From: "Steven Shippee" <slshippee at>
  • Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 19:55:52 -0500 (EST)
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To make it easy to debug, try putting the file (the "image") in a root
directory somewhere (of your "c" drive or your "d" drive), and also ensure
it has no spaces in the file name, for example, use something like
c:\practice.jpg or c:\practice.bmp.

Then you could run the command


and manipulate myimage from there.


shippee at

"Bob Harris" <nitlion at> wrote in message
news:bonnfg$h8i$1 at
> Howdy,
> Have an assignment in an computer vision class I'm taking.  Thought I'd
> fiddling around with it in Mathematica.  Have run into the second or third
> brick wall, just trying to bring an image into Mathematica.  Am in need of
> help.
> For starters, I found Import[] in the big book and tried it:
>     Import ["vl100.gif"]
> The file vl100.gif is in the same directory as the mathematica notebook
> I launched.  But that seems not to be one of the places mathematica looks.
> So I just got a file not found error.  So be it.
> I figured there must be a way to convince mathematica to look for the file
> where e file is.  After stumbling around for a while in the book and in
> help browser, I finally found the SetDirectory command.  So looking at the
> format of file paths in $Path, I did
>     SetDirectory["Kablooie:ClassesS:VisionS:Project4S"]
> which is the path to the directory containing the file.
> So then I tried
>     Import ["vl100.gif"]
> again, and I get
>     Experimental`RegisterConverter::noexe: Could not find the
>     executable GIF.exe in any of { <<65>>, <<74>>, <<83>>, GIF.exe}.
> Now, I'm running this using mathematica for the Mac on a PowerMac
> running OS 9.0.4.  Yes, I know I haven't upgraded in a while, but it sure
> seems like what I'm trying to do is supposed to work on my configuration.
> The error message suggests that it doesn't have the executable code to
> handle gif images.  I tried .pgm format and got the same result.  Since
> are listed in the big book I figured it's pointless to try other formats.
> Those two should've worked.
> I did a search of my hard drive and I do find a gif.exe (and hdf.exe,
> jpeg.exe, pnm.exe, and tiff.exe) in the folder
>    ... MathematicaS:SystemFiles:Converters:Binaries:PowerMac
> So it seems like it's got 'em, and it's just not looking for them.
> Can anyone point me toward a way to get this working?
> Thanks for any help,
> Bob H

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