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Re: solution of linear equations, please help!!

wenzhen677 at (wenzhen) wrote in message 
news:<bpkp7f$cde$1 at>...
> Could you please give me the analytical answer of "c" directly?
> which is included in the following linear equations.
> sum_{i=0}^{L}{a_{ji}*x_i}+(-1)^j*c=y_j , j=1,...L+2
> The above linear equations is written in latex style.

Let A be the L+2 by L+1 matrix whose elements you give as a_{ji},
let b be the column vector whose elements are (-1)^j, j=1,...,L+2, and
let u be the component of b that is orthogonal to the columns of A.
Then c = u.y/u.b, in Mathematica notation.

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