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RE: change of a coefficient in a polynomial

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  • Subject: [mg44793] RE: [mg44772] change of a coefficient in a polynomial
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  • Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2003 11:38:17 -0500 (EST)
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>From: Paolo Bientinesi [mailto:pauldj at]
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>To: mathgroup at
>Subject: [mg44793] [mg44772] change of a coefficient in a polynomial
>Second question about polynomials:
>assume you are given a polynomial
>p[x_] :=  c[0] + c[1] x + c[2] x^2 ....
>and you want to generate a polynomial p1[x] from p[x]
>changing one coefficient only, like:
>p1[x_] := -c[0] + c[1] x + c[2] x^2
>Is there any other way other than the obvious CoefficientList
>pauldj at		        paolo.bientinesi at


as I have no idea of what you want to attain (what does that operation mean
in mathematical terms? has that something to do with polynomials at all?),
so reasonable advice is difficult; some comparison for your choice:
In[1]:= p[x_] := SeriesData[x, 0, Array[c, {10000}, {0}]]
In[2]:= p1[x_] := p[x] /. c[5000] -> somethingelse
In[3]:= Coefficient[p1[x], x, 5000] // Timing
Out[3]= {0.651 Second, somethingelse}
In[4]:= p1[x]; // Timing
Out[4]= {0.1 Second, Null}
In[5]:= q = p[x];
In[6]:= q1 = q + (somethingelse - Coefficient[q, x, 5000]) x^5000; // Timing
Out[6]= {0.491 Second, Null}
In[7]:= Coefficient[q1, x, 5000] // Timing
Out[7]= {0.571 Second, somethingelse}
In[8]:= q1; // Timing
Out[8]= {0.01 Second, Null}
In[9]:= cf = CoefficientList[q, x]; // Timing
Out[9]= {0.641 Second, Null}
In[10]:= cf[[5001]] // Timing
Out[10]= {0.01 Second, c[5000]}
In[11]:= cf1 = ReplacePart[cf, something, 5001]; // Timing
Out[11]= {0.02 Second, Null}
In[12]:= cf1[[5001]]
Out[12]= something

Hartmut Wolf

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