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Convert all graphics to reduce file size?

I would like to convert the graphics in a large number of notebooks to
save space. Jim Jennings wrote:

> I know how to use the Cell->Convert To->Bitmap menu command to convert
> selected graphics cells to Bitmap form.  

for the purpose of saving space, and P.J. Hinton wrote 

> There is an undocumented key-mouse combination that can be used to 
> select all cells of a given style.  The combination is 
> platform-specific:
> MacOS X : Option-Click
> Windows : Alt-Left Click
> X Window: Mod2-Mouse 1
> If you perform this operation while clicking on the bracket of a 
> Graphics style cell, then all cells having that same style will be selected.

How can I write code to do this without any user intervention? I can
use NotebookFind[nb,"Graphics",Next,CellStyle] to find each graphics
cell in turn, but how do I tell Mathematica to do the conversion
without mouse clicks?

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