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RE: Re: Is there any productive way to use Mathematica + pdfLaTeX?

On Mac OS 10.3 or later, it's very easy: just save as EPS, and then open 
the EPS with the Preview application. It will automatically convert to 
vector-based PDF with no border (which is just what you want). Save the 
PDF version and call it in TeX with \includegraphics

Incidentally, if you are using Keynote for a presentation, you don't 
even need to save the PDF -- you can copy the autoconverted EPS file and 
paste into Keynote where it appears as scalable, transparent PDF, which 
looks fantastic. Makes PowerPoint look clunky...

Gareth Russell
Columbia University

In <c5gghj$avm$1 at> Owen, HL (Hywel) wrote:
> Our group messed around for a while trying to get as simple a LaTeX
> installation on Windows as possible. We finally settled on MikTeX/
> WinEdt. WinEdt costs a few tens of dollars per license, but is well 
> worth it (IMHO) to avoid hassle. An installation guide is given at:
> There is also a guide to how to get .eps files into your documents - 
> the procedure is to insert them into the .tex file, then do:
> ..tex -> .dvi -> .pdf
> To get your Mathematica plots into yout LaTeX documents, export them 
> as ..eps.
> It's about the simplest procedure we've found. If there is a simpler/
> better tool for .tex editing out there, we''d like to hear about it!
> Hywel
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>> inacioglb at (Inacio Guerberoff) wrote in message 
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>> > Hello
>> > 
>> > I use Mathematica 5.0 and would like to know if there is 
>> any easy and
>> > fast way to include Mathematica plots in pdfLaTeX 
>> documents. The way I
>> > know is to make a Export[graph,"file.pdf"] for example, and then
>> > include in the tex file the following:
>> > 
>> > \includegraphics{file.pdf}
>> > 
>> > The problem is that the PDF generated by Mathematica is 
>> weird, because
>> > the plot is on the bottom-left of the page, and the same 
>> thing happens
>> > in the document. I think what would solve the problem would be a
>> > function like PlotPDF[Plot[x^2,{x,0,2}],"file.pdf"]. This function
>> > saves the plot in "file.pdf", but in a way that you can insert it
>> > directly in a LaTeX document.
>> > 
>> > Anyone has tips on this task?
>> > 
>> > Thanks
>> > Inacio Guerberoff
>> This is what I do to get pdf version of a notebook on windows. 
>> Choose File->Print, check the box "Print to File". 
>> Mathematica produces a .prn
>> file. Open the file with Ghostscript (I use gsview 4.6). Choose
>> File->Convert->pdfwrite and appropriate resolution.
>> This works also on linux if you produce .ps file.
>> Hope it helps,
>> AK

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