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Re: Re: Is there any productive way to use Mathematica + pdfLaTeX?

Recent versions of Mathematica will include the special Mathematica fonts in
EPS files provided you set the appropriate option for Export:

SetOptions[Export, ConversionOptions -> {"IncludeSpecialFonts" -> True}]

This is documented under the Additional Information for Export in the Help
Browser.  There should be no need for any external programs.

You can get away without doing this only as long as the EPS files are used
on a machine with Mathematica installed and with software that can find the
fonts.  I think this explains why some people have no problems while others
do ...

John Jowett

"Jon Harrop" <jdh30 at> wrote in message
news:c5j6l5$qoq$1 at
> Owen, HL (Hywel) wrote:
> > It's about the simplest procedure we've found. If there is a
> > simpler/better tool for .tex editing out there, we''d like to hear about
> > it!
> I've been using LyX for a few years. It is superb.
> I have had problems with Mathematica's fonts in generated documents. I
> I found a trick using "dvips -P" with some associated files to get it to
> embed the fonts but I'm still not happy with the way it does this. I'm
> writing my own code to do this...
> Cheers,
> Jon.

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