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RE: Superscripts and subscripts in a text cell?


1) Start a Text cell by typing Alt-7 and typing some text.

2) Type Ctrl-(  This starts an inline cell within the text cell.

3) Type whatever Mathematica expression you wish, just as you would in an
Input cell. For superscripts you can use Ctrl-^ and for subscripts Ctrl-_.

4) To end the inline cell, type Ctrl-space, or use the -> key, or type

David Park
djmp at

From: Dave Typinski [mailto:nospam at]
To: mathgroup at

I know I can get superscripts into in a text cell by using the Basic
Typesetting pallette button... but how can I get subscripts in there?

The "Format -> Face" and "Format -> Choose Font" menu items seem to
provide selection options for everything except sub- and superscripts.

I know that inside an input cell, subscripts are not symbols, but
rather expressions.  Okay, fine.  But what of the text in a text cell?

Thanks for any help.
Dave Typinski

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