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i don't understand mapping function over a long list

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  • Subject: [mg47802] i don't understand mapping function over a long list
  • From: sean_incali at (sean kim)
  • Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 04:47:03 -0400 (EDT)
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hello group. 

i just don't get this. 

I'm not sure what's the problem is. 

please consider the following list of lists.

l = Partition[Flatten[{Table[Unique[x], {n, 1, 30}]}], 3 ]

above generates a list of 10 lists with 3 elements in each as in... 

{x$299, x$300, x$301}, {x$302, x$303, x$304}, 
{x$305, x$306, x$307}, {x$308, x$309, x$310}, 
{x$311, x$312, x$313}, {x$314, x$315, x$316}, 
{x$317, x$318, x$319}, {x$320, x$321, x$322}, 
{x$323, x$324, x$325}, {x$326, x$327, x$328}

Now suppose I want to use each of the list( all 10 of them) as a part
of a function. . I want to "Apply" the function to every list(so, 10
times in total)
for a simple examplel let's add 2 to the lists

In[21]:= Apply[Plus@@xlist, 2]
Out[21]= 2

that didn't work. i wanted to get was

{{x$299, x$300, x$301} + 2,
{x$302, x$303, x$304} + 2...
{x$326, x$327, x$328} + 2}}

then i want to give each of the results unique names and use the
renamed list of lists as an argument in another function.

uniquexname1 = {x$299, x$300, x$301} + 2,
uniquexname2 = {x$302, x$303, x$304} + 2...
uniquexname10 = {x$326, x$327, x$328} + 2}


Map[Plus, xlist, 2]

just bring back the list itself.

This problem recurs for me. and I think i have problems with it
because I just don't understand how Mathematica language works.

Reading the book an dhelp manual doesn't help me much in understanding
what lies underneath.  Can you guys shed soem light on this with some
simple examples that use numerical operations?

Maybe I'm asking a lot, but any and all insights are thoroughly

thanks in advance. 


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