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Re: Recursion depth

It works just fine at my machine, using version 5.0.1.


mathma18 at (Narasimham G.L.) wrote in message news:<cequj5$k47$1 at>...
> Recursion depth exceeded while trying to solve four simultaneous ODEs.
> How to fix this? TIA.
> Clear[s,si2,r2,th2,ph2,si,r,th,ph];
> equns={si2''[s]==-Sin[si2[s]]*Sin[ph2[s]],
> si2'[0]==.2, si2[0]==-1.5,
> ph2'[s]== -Cos[ph2[s]]*Cos[si2[s]]/r2[s],ph2[0]==-.01,
> r2'[s]==Cos[si2[s]],r2[0]==1.25,
> th2'[s]==Sin[si2[s]]/r2[s],th2[0]== 1};
> NDSolve[equns,{si2,r2,th2,ph2},{s,0,1}];

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