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How does a notebook get its own filename or directory?

I like to put multiple datafiles in a subdirectory of the same directory 
as the analysis notebook resides.  It would be convenient if this Mathematica 
notebook could find these datafiles without help, but unfortunately I 
have not figured out how to do this.  Currently, I just manually put the 
full pathname in the notebook's code, which works but is a problem if I 
move the directory.

What would solve the problem is if there were a way for a notebook to 
obtain the full pathname of the file containing that notebook.  However, 
all the directory-related and path-related commands in Mathematica 5.0 seem to 
be concerned only with the location of the Mathematica kernel and its libraries, 
and not at all concerned with the location of the notebook.  Now, the 
kernel has to know where the notebook lives, so the problem is to 
persuade the kernel to speak.

Any suggestions?


Joe Gwinn

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