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Re: How input stacked characters with vertical bar

In article <cq8tl2$h1h$1 at>,
 Murray Eisenberg <murray at> wrote:

> OK, that does stack th subscript and superscript -- but they are not 
> placed where proper mathematical notation says they should appear with 
> such a vertical bar.
> I've tried both the | key on the keyboard as well as the 
> VerticalSeparator symbol (on the Complete Characters palette).  And 
> those symbols do (almost) automatically expand to the height of what's 
> immediately to their left, e.g., a stacked:
>       2
>      x
>     ---
>      2
> But the subscript and superscript I type then are NOT located near the 
> top and bottom of the vertical bar, where they ought to appear.  Rather, 
> they are quite close together vertically, as if they were the subscript 
> and superscript on a single letter.

To get this to work, you _still_ need to select the VerticalSeparator, 
open the Option Inspector, type in span, hit return, and set the 
SpanMaxSize to Infinity. 

Here is an example of such a cell:

      FractionBox[SuperscriptBox["x", "2"], "2"],         
         StyleBox["\[VerticalSeparator]", SpanMaxSize->Infinity], 
            "a", "b"]
     ], TraditionalForm]], 


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