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Re: Re: Help Browser issue in 5.0.1 on Mac OS X

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  • Subject: [mg46487] Re: [mg46464] Re: Help Browser issue in 5.0.1 on Mac OS X
  • From: Selwyn Hollis <sh2.7183 at>
  • Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 00:29:34 -0500 (EST)
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Gary and Mike,

I'm not sure whether the difference is between Mathematica 5.0 and 
5.0.1 or between Jaguar and Panther. Previously, there was a problem 
with the horizontal scroll bar, and now there is a problem with 
vertical scroll bars.

However, one thing you can do to improve the Help Browser is to 
edit/rearrange the BrowserCategories.m file that lives inside 
Mathematica 5.0/Documentation/English/AddOns. In particular, you can 
arrange for Standard Packages and Applications to appear at the top of 
the second column.

Here's what mine looks like:

BrowserCategory["Add-ons", None,
"StandardPackages"}]}, False],

{FrontEnd`FileName[{$TopDirectory, "AddOns", "Applications", 
         FrontEnd`FileName[{$TopDirectory, "AddOns", "Applications", 


     HelpDirectoryListing[{FrontEnd`FileName[{$TopDirectory, "AddOns", 
"Applications", "AuthorTools"}]}, False, True],
     HelpDirectoryListing[{FrontEnd`FileName[{$TopDirectory, "AddOns", 
"Applications", "XMLCapabilities"}]}, False, True],
     HelpDirectoryListing[{FrontEnd`FileName[{"AddOns", "MathLink"}]}, 
     HelpDirectoryListing[{FrontEnd`FileName[{$TopDirectory, "AddOns", 
"JLink"}]}, False, True],
     HelpDirectoryListing[{FrontEnd`FileName[{$TopDirectory, "AddOns", 
"NETLink"}]}, False, True],
"AddOns"}]}, {FrontEnd`FileName[{$TopDirectory, "AddOns", "JLink"}],
         FrontEnd`FileName[{$TopDirectory, "AddOns", "NETLink"}]}],


     BrowserCategory["Working with Add-ons", None,
       Item["Introduction", "InstallingPackages.nb", 
CopyTag->"AddOnsIntro", IndexTag->"Introduction"],
       Item["Using Add-ons", "InstallingPackages.nb",
             CopyTag->"UsingAddOns", IndexTag->"Using Add-ons"],
       Item["Installing New Add-ons", "InstallingPackages.nb", 
CopyTag->"AddOnInstall", IndexTag->"Installing New Add-ons" ]

Selwyn Hollis
(edit reply-to to reply)

On Feb 19, 2004, at 3:02 AM, Gary L. Gray wrote:

> On 2004-02-16 09:18:05 -0500, Mike <m.HoneychurcNOSPAMh at> 
> said:
>> Has anyone noticed a (minor but irritating) bug in 5.0.1 Help Browser 
>> on Mac
>> OS X that wasn't present in 5.0.0?
>> The browser design in V5 seemed to have gone backward compared to V4 
>> (on the
>> Mac front end at least). For example in 5.0.0:
>> Click on Add-ons& Links. The next column brings up the sub folders 
>> but no
>> scroll bar. You need to click on the bottom folder, in this case 
>> MathLink,
>> to bring up the scroll bar and access the folders below MathLink 
>> (such as
>> J/Link, webMathematica and so on. This was irritating.
>> Now in 5.0.1 the only way to access folders below MathLink in the help
>> browser is to search for a known folder, eg. By typing MSP and 
>> pressing go
>> the webMathematica folder appears along with a scroll bar in the 
>> Add-ons&
>> Links column. Something is clearly wrong with the Mac OS X 
>> HelpBrowser.
> We have seen the same thing here with 6 or 7 machines running 5.0.1
> under Mac OS X 10.3.2.
>> Are there any adjustments to the 'hidden' files that users can make to
>> correct this?
> I hope someone can answer this one.
>> On another issue I've noticed that the frequency of crashes has 
>> increased
>> from virtually zero for 4.2 to regular enough to be noticeable with 
>> 5.0. I
>> haven't kept records or anything but I kinda feel like the crashes are
>> occurring more often when I have iTunes running (and perhaps when 
>> adding or
>> removing cell tags). Anyone else experiencing this?  (on Mac OS X 
>> 10.3.2)
> I must say that I haven't noticed any substantial instability.
> All the best,
> -- Gary L. Gray

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