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Re: how to 'edit' MatrixForm output to create a new matrix?

In article <bsd51n$r8i$1 at>, nma124 at (steve_H) 

> I want to add a column or a row by editing the MATRIXFORM output
> directly. Not by using a command such as Join.
> As I said, I cut/paste the output of MatrixForm to a new cell, now
> I need to use the mouse and edit that output to insert a row or
> a column right into the MatrixForm representation of the matrix. 

Don't use MatrixForm. If you set your set your Default Output FormType 
to TraditionalForm then matrices are automatically displayed as such and 
everything works as you require. You can copy a row, column, or block of 
a matrix into a new cell and add a new row or column (using a menu 
command or directly as \[ControlKey]-, or \[ControlKey]-\[ReturnKey]) 

If you don't want to do have TraditionalForm as your default FormatType, 
you can just set things up so just matrices are displayed in 
TraditionalForm as follows.

  $PrePrint := If[MatrixQ[#] == True, TraditionalForm[#], #] &

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