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Re: using functions with package name prefixed.


no, because the function you call, may call
other function in the package. And Mathematica knowns
nothing about the call tree to the function.


steve_H wrote:
> hi;
> is there a way to use a function from a package without loading
> the whole package, but by simply prefixing the package name to
> the function name?
> For an example, suppose we have a function foo[] in a packge called
> Boo.m
> Now, one must load the Boo package by typing something like
> Needs["`Boo"]
> then one can write
> foo[]
> But notice that when calling foo[], the package name is not prefixed to
> it, hence one does not know in which package foo[] is in by looking
> at the function call.
> In Java for instance, I can write, which makes it more
> clear where foo() is located.
> Is there a way to do something like this in Mathematica? and is there a way
> to only load the function that I need from the package without loading
> everything?
> thanks,
> Steve

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