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RE: Anyone using the Units package extensively?


There is a package by Ted Ersek on MathSource that I believe allows you to
embed units in symbols...

I also have an ExtendUnits package and ReducedUnits package at my web site
below that has many nice features. But it is more oriented toward
introducing units at the end of a calculation. I think it is often more
convenient to work with pure symbolic equation, without any explicit units.
Then define data statements such as

data = {v0 -> 3.5 Meter/Second, x0 -> 5.2 Meter}

then after you finish any symbolic calculations, substitute the data with
the values and units. In other words, units should go with the values and
not with the symbols.

But various people have there own preferences so take your choice.

David Park
djmp at

From: William McHargue [mailto:A at B.C]
To: mathgroup at


I've been using Mathematica for engineering analysis and have come to
carry units throughout my calculations. Does anyone else do this and
would you like to exchange tips/tricks?


Bill McHargue
William at McHargue.Org

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