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Re: NonlinearFit works not so good

The second line of code should be

data = Cases[Graphics[%], Line[x___] :> x, Infinity];


On Fri, 23 Jul 2004 06:00:40 -0400 (EDT), Daohua Song <ds2081 at> wrote:

> Dear group,
>       I find the NonlinearFit give an answer far away from the truth; Here
> is an example:
>      Plot[100 Sin[3 x+1]+2,{x,0,5}];
> data=Cases[Graphics[%],Line[x___]?x,Infinity];
> <<Statistics`NonlinearFit`
> NonlinearFit[data//First,A Sin[B x+C]+D,{x},{A,B,C,D}];
> Plot[%,{x,0,5}]
> ListPlot[data//First]
>      If i chop the +2 from above, it works fine. but The whole thing gives
> bad fit again if you change {x,0,5}->{x,0,10}
>      So NonlinearFit also is not stable!
>      I hope it should be improved
> Daohua

DrBob at

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