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PutAppend Command and Data Output

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  • Subject: [mg49695] PutAppend Command and Data Output
  • From: "Daniel Kramer" <boydkramer at>
  • Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 07:43:02 -0400 (EDT)
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There should be a simple solution to this problem, but I am stumped.  
Wolfram support is unhelpful as well.  I am running a simulation model with 
six differential equations.  I would like to store the ending values for 
these six variables in spreadsheet form as I perform sensitivity analyses on 
the parameter values.  So I define the ending values for my variables...


I then append these values to an existing spreadsheet file.  The problem is 
that the ending values are always added to my file in a 2 by 3 matrix 
instead of a 1 by 6 row matrix.  See the ?PutAppend? command line below and 
the output.  I have tried putting the output in a 6 by 1 column matrix and 
this works by using the following in my PutAppend command - 
{{hend},{pend},{shend},{spend},{aend},{cend}}.  This works fine but data is 
appended down the spreadsheet instead of in columns which is as cumbersome 
as my original problem.  The other minor problem is the brackets in my 
output.  I wish they weren?t there.  Perhaps these two problems are related? 
  Are the values in a form that Excel has trouble reading?  I would greatly 
appreciate anyone?s help.


hend	pend	shend	spend	aend	cend
{{84.44222381154862}	 {17.295098646610068}	 {0.9999464544412083}
{0.00005354555879104163}	 {0.6314412255157023}	 {0.16406999044034634}}

By the way, if I add the following line as a test, it works perfectly, 
adding a 1 by 6 row vector to the spreadsheet file.


Daniel Kramer

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