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Re: PutAppend Command and Data Output

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  • Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 06:02:15 -0400 (EDT)
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In the first set of code, I've duplicated your resulting file (I think). The result isn't a 2x3 matrix at all. The brackets are there because hend, pend, ... are lists (because of the way you defined them).

data={{84.44222381154862}, {17.295098646610068}, {0.9999464544412083} \
,{0.00005354555879104163} ,{0.6314412255157023} ,{0.16406999044034634}};


In this version, Flatten eliminates the brackets:



Flatten@data could be replaced by First/@data, or the definition of each variable could include First, as in hend=h[time]/.First@sol or hend=First[h[time]/.sol.


On Thu, 29 Jul 2004 07:43:02 -0400 (EDT), Daniel Kramer <boydkramer at> wrote:

> There should be a simple solution to this problem, but I am stumped.
> Wolfram support is unhelpful as well.  I am running a simulation model with
> six differential equations.  I would like to store the ending values for
> these six variables in spreadsheet form as I perform sensitivity analyses on
> the parameter values.  So I define the ending values for my variables...
> hend=Evaluate[h[time]/.sol;
> pend=Evaluate[p[time]/.sol;
> shend=Evaluate[sh[time]/.sol;
> spend=Evaluate[sp[time]/.sol;
> aend=Evaluate[a[time]/.sol;
> cend=Evaluate[c[time]/.sol;
> I then append these values to an existing spreadsheet file.  The problem is
> that the ending values are always added to my file in a 2 by 3 matrix
> instead of a 1 by 6 row matrix.  See the â??PutAppendâ?? command line below and
> the output.  I have tried putting the output in a 6 by 1 column matrix and
> this works by using the following in my PutAppend command -
> {{hend},{pend},{shend},{spend},{aend},{cend}}.  This works fine but data is
> appended down the spreadsheet instead of in columns which is as cumbersome
> as my original problem.  The other minor problem is the brackets in my
> output.  I wish they werenâ??t there.  Perhaps these two problems are related?
>   Are the values in a form that Excel has trouble reading?  I would greatly
> appreciate anyoneâ??s help.
> PutAppend[{hend,pend,shend,spend,aend,cend},â??output.csvâ??]
> hend	pend	shend	spend	aend	cend
> {{84.44222381154862}	 {17.295098646610068}	 {0.9999464544412083}
> {0.00005354555879104163}	 {0.6314412255157023}	 {0.16406999044034634}}
> By the way, if I add the following line as a test, it works perfectly,
> adding a 1 by 6 row vector to the spreadsheet file.
> PutAppend[{1,2,3,4,5,6},â??output.csvâ??]
> Daniel Kramer
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