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Re: Re: Question about Hold

    Thanks for all your help, also sorry for some uncertainty about the fact the questions is quite straightforward:
    e.g i define Commute[A,B]=C (all operators), how to let mathematica 
knows Commute[A^2,B]=AC+CA.
    I figure out one solutions later.

     RowBox[{\(Commute[a_\^n_Integer, b_] /; n > 1\), ":=",
           RowBox[{"Commute", "[",
               RowBox[{"Times", "@@",
                 RowBox[{"Table", "[",
                   StyleBox[\(SubscriptBox[a, i], {i, n}\),
                     "MR"], "]"}]}],
              ",", "b"}], "]"}], ")"}], "/.", \(SubscriptBox[
               a, _] :> a\)}]}], ";"}]\)

kinda of foolish:).
Jens give a simple solution, altough (Commute[a,b]=ab-ba)
Commute[a^n_, b] := AntiCommute[a^(n - 1), Commute[a, b]]

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