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Re: Writing/appending tables to CSV files?

On 6/19/04 at 4:31 AM, greenberg at (Jonathan Greenberg)

>Whats the best way to initialize and write to a csv file in
>Mathematica, given a loop that produces a 1 x N vector each time
>(which I want saved) -- I want the final CSV file to be M x N,
>where M is the number of iterations of the loop and N is the length
>of the output vector.  Thoughts?

The simplest way would be to build up a matrix with the results then write the matrix with all M vectors to a file using Export. For example


puts a 9 x 5 array in data

This can be written to a CSV file by either

Export["filename", Transpose@data, "CSV"]

which will result with filename containing a 5 x 9 array in CSV format

It is also possible to write out each 1 x N vector to a file and later create a M x N CSV file. But this would involve more complicated code with more read/write operations and likely will run slower.
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