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Re: Printing Rotated Text from a Mac

It's really the case. :-(

On 23/6/04 8:43 am, in article cbbcb2$9fh$1 at, "Bob Stagat"
<stagat at> wrote:

> Hello, all...
> I have been using Mathematica for a number of year and have become
> reasonably proficient with it and familiar with most of its
> idiosyncracies. I use a Macintosh and, until very recently, was using
> Mathematica version 4.2 on OS X 10.1.5. One of the idiosyncracies that I'd
> gotten used to was the Mac front end's inability to properly rotate
> text on a plot's y-axis, but having it print OK on a Postscript
> printer.
> Recently I upgraded my operating system to OS X 10.3.3 and Mathematica to
> version 5. I was amazed to find that rotated text not only doesn't
> work right in the front end, but it won't print correctly either on
> the very same Postscript printers I've been using for a couple of
> years.
> Is this really the case or (more likely) am I overlooking something
> simple? Any suggestions about what I might be doing wrong will be
> greatly appreciated.
> ~ Bob Stagat ~

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