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Re: one question about draw graph in frame

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  • Subject: [mg49072] Re: one question about draw graph in frame
  • From: Johan <vdmeer at>
  • Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 05:34:17 -0400 (EDT)
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By-the-by, I have tried the DrawingMaster package for a short time now. 
It is GREAT. Much more customizable than the standard Mathematica 
drawing commands.

There won't be turning back for me to the 'normal' mathematica way to do 



> Daohua,
> I don't think I completely understand your question, especially given your
> example. Are you trying to obtain tick labels at a set of irregular values,
> or are you trying to obtain different scales on the top and right of the
> frame? (For example you may want to label in meters on the bottom and in
> feet on the top.)
> In any case, you will have to specify the tick values that you want, either
> by a Table or by a list of values. In the Graphics`Graphics` package there
> are the functions: LinearScale, LogScale, PiScale and UnitScale that are
> useful for automatically generating tick values - but not for the example
> you give.
> I agree that it is a chore to completely specify the ticks for a full frame
> in detail. One of the problems is getting the unlabeled ticks as well as the
> labeled ones. If you are using the same scale up-down and/or left-right then
> you want the same tick marks but unlabeled up and right.
> The DrawGraphics package at my web site below has a command CustomTicks that
> will generate tick marks. It allows you to use scales that are a function of
> the actual plot scale so you could have different scales up-down or
> left-right. You can generate linear, log and databased tick values. Via
> options you can specify the look of the tick marks and the form of the
> labels.
> Here is your plot using databased CustomTicks. The scale function in this
> case is Identity since we are using the actual plot values. The up and right
> ticks use a null string to format the values, which means they are left
> blank. We need to specify the up and right ticks so they match up-down and
> right-left. (Automatic would use the regular Mathematica ticks that would
> not match.)
> Needs["DrawGraphics`DrawingMaster`"]
> Draw2D[
>     {Draw[x^2, {x, 0, 1}]},
>     Frame -> True,
>     FrameTicks -> {
>         CustomTicks[Identity, databased[{0, 0.5, 0.7, 1}]],
>         CustomTicks[Identity, databased[{0, 0.5, 1}]],
>         CustomTicks[Identity, databased[{0, 0.5, 0.7, 1}],
>           CTNumberFunction -> ("" &)],
>         CustomTicks[Identity, databased[{0, 0.5, 1}],
>           CTNumberFunction -> ("" &)]},
>     ImageSize -> 500];
> Making a nice graph is as much a work of art as a science. If you don't want
> to go with the set-piece plots you will have to tend to the details. But you
> could define a plot function that has all the custom work in it and all you
> do is feed in the data for each separate plot.
> David Park
> djmp at
> From: Daohua Song [mailto:ds2081 at]
To: mathgroup at
> Dear group,
>       i draw a graph in frame model and can use framticks to let the upper
> and right have some scale you want. My question is that if it is possible
> to let the mathematics to do it automatically? you know, to write down
> every ticks is annoying.
>       e.g
>       \!\(Plot[x\^2, {x,
>       0, 1}, Frame -> True, FrameTicks -> {{0,  .5,  .7, 1}, {0,  .5,
> 1}}]\)
>       Any suggestion will be appreciated!
> daohua

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