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Re: DSolve problem solving an elemental DE in Math 5.0.1

who would think two ppl will post exactly the same
problem on one night? have you read selwyn's post? 
it's about the same thing.. using symbolic initial
conditions.  ( i think) 

is the tutorial on your website where i can download
and check out?  if not, do you mind posting it when
you are ready? 

thanks a bunch 


--- Guillermo Sanchez <guillerm at> wrote:
> Dear group, 
> I had prepared some tutorial for teaching elemental
> differential
> equations. These tutorials work fine in Math 5.0.0
> and previous
> versions. However, using Mathematica 5.0.1 I have
> some problems with
> the same examples. Here is one of them
> DSolve[{c'[t] == a - b*c[t], c[0] == c0}, c[t], t].
> I receive this message:
> "For some branches of the general solution, the
> given boundary
> conditions lead to an empty solution"
> Any suggestion?
> Guillermo

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